on our company website Boat and Raft Rental NECKY Cesky Krumlov. Our company is based in the middle of Cesky Krumlov - Unesco. We provide one day trips and multiple day trip for individualls, small and big groups. We offer all necessary equipment: raft/boat rental, paddles, life jacket, dry bags and transport.


Quick Contact:
E-mail: rafty@rafty-vltava.cz
Phone: +420 608 081 730


We are rent these type of Rafts and boats:

» Raft Colorado 450 for 4 - 6 person

» Raft Colorado 360 for 3 - 4 person

» Raft - Boat Palava up to 3 person

» And other necessary equipment : life jacket, dry bags, paddles and more..


Why to choose us?

» Booking reservation online or by phone

» 24 hour transportation service

» Professional Group and Charter services from start to finish

» Cheap & affordable rates

» Special offers for family and discount for groups


V L T A V A River

Vltava River, German Moldau, river, the longest in the Czech Republic, flowing 270 miles (435 km). Its drainage basin is 10,847 square miles (28,093 square km). The river rises in southwestern Bohemia from two headstreams in the Bohemian Forest, the Teplá Vltava and the Studená Vltava. It flows first southeast, then north across Bohemia, and empties into the Elbe (Czech: Labe) River at Mělník, 18 miles (29 km) north of Prague. Prague and České Budějovice are on the Vltava. At České Budějovice, in the river’s middle basin, is an extensive lake region. The middle and lower course of the Vltava is gorgelike, with rapids and incised meanders. Large hydropower dams with associated

lakes provide recreational facilities. The Vltava’s principal tributaries are the Lužnice and Sázava (east) and the Otava and Berounka (west). The river is celebrated as the second subject in a cycle of six symphonic poems under the general title of Má vlast (“My Country”) by the Czech composer Bedřich Smetana.